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At Children’s Sleep Dentistry, we treat the young patients you have difficulty treating.

After many years of practicing dentistry, I found that working on children was very difficult. From being generally uncooperative, medically compromised, or simply unable to sit still for extensive treatment restorations, the trauma of extensive treatment causes stress for the parents, the child, the dental staff, and me! For this reason, I decided to create a practice dedicated to treating children while they sleep.

At Children’s Sleep Dentistry, we treat kids who need dental work using various methods of sedation. For minor treatments, we often use an oral sedative. For extensive treatments, a general anesthetic is provided. We see children for various reasons such as uncooperative behavior, developmental disabilities, gagging, fear, and extensive treatment needs.

Treatment can often be completed in one appointment after a consultation. Appointment length typically falls between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the case. After treatment is completed, the patient can return to your office for future care if preferred. If you have any questions regarding a patient, please do not hesitate to call us any time to discuss their case.
Fees are discussed with parents or guardians prior to the treatment day. Often it is difficult to give an entirely accurate estimate but we endeavour to give as close an estimate as possible prior to the treatment date.

Referring Dentist Form The specialists at our office have all completed graduate programs in Dental Anesthesia. They are PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certified and the office facilities are regularly checked by the RCDSO. We also employ experienced nurses who have worked at pediatric hospitals for many years.

Our doctors lecture about various topics or teach at the university (refer to this website for seminar dates). For further information, please call us any time. Home numbers are provided for your convenience for after-hours emergencies or questions.
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