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pre-op & Post-Op instructions

Pre-Op Instructions
DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO DRINK or EAT SOLID FOOD (including gum, candy) AFTER MIDNIGHT of the night preceding the appointment.

Food in the stomach may result in vomiting during anaesthesia. This is unsafe and can be fatal.

  • Medications can be taken as usual with a small sip of water unless otherwise directed by the Doctor.
  • Please dress your child in loose fitting clothing and please bring a diaper or a change of clothes.
  • Please advise us of any recent change in your child’s health such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cold, or flu in the days before your appointment.


  • Your child will be given oxygen and sleep medicine through the mask to breathe.
  • After they are asleep, an IV will be placed in their hand or foot that allows fluids or medications to be given.
  • Your child will be completely asleep and pain-free for the entire procedure.
  • Your child is fully monitored by the doctor and staff throughout the procedure.

POst-Op Instructions


It usually takes approximately 30-60 minutes after the anaesthetic before your child can go home safely.

It is not uncommon for your child to cry when they wake up as they are still dizzy and disoriented. Expect to see the intravenous catheter in place until your child is fully awake.

A responsible adult must accompany your child home in a car or taxi.

Your child should be resting at home for the remainder of the day. They should not run or ride a bike until the next day. A responsible adult should be with your child until the next day.

Give your child plenty of fluids (water, juice) after anaesthesia. If your child is not experiencing nausea or vomiting they may eat solid food as tolerated.

A sore throat or sore nose is common after anaesthesia and will resolve on its own.


  1. If your child vomits beyond 4 hours.
  2. If there is any difficulty breathing
  3. If there are any other concerns

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