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frequently asked questions

1. Why does my child need to be sedated for dental work?
Some children have no problem sitting through a “regular” dental treatment, allowing the dentist to complete the treatment without too much difficulty. For others, sedation is a good option if the treatment causes the child physical pain or emotional trauma, or if the treatment cannot otherwise be completed.

2. How do I know where to go for dental sedation for my child?
The best course of action is to ask your family dentist. You can alternatively look for specialists in the field of anesthesia or pediatric dentistry. They will be able help you or refer you to the best providers. In Ontario, only Dental Anesthesia specialists, oral surgeons, and medical anesthetists can legally provide general anesthesia for children.

3. How do I know if my child is a candidate for anesthesia for dentistry?
The anesthesia provider will consult with you prior to starting any treatment. During the consultation, you can ask any questions you may have and the specialist will review your child’s dental and medical needs, and history. They can then determine whether or not your child is a candidate for anesthesia.

4. Is sedation safe?
The safety of dental anesthesia for children in Ontario is well established. Deaths are very, very rare. This is due to the stringent rules governing who can sedate a child, and frequent government review of providers skills and facilities.

5. How much will sedation cost?
Costs vary depending on dental needs, as well as the duration and complexity of the treatment. Your dental specialist should be able to provide you with that information at the consultation appointment.

6. Can children with disabilities be sedated?
During the consultation appointment your anesthesia provider will review your child’s medical history and conditions and discuss whether anesthesia can be provided at the dental office. Be sure to ask them any questions you may have.

7. My question isn't in this FAQ, who do I contact?
Please contact us with your question or comment.


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